Thompson: Vince Young 'doing OK' with Packers

Packers quarterback Vince Young. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Thompson: Vince Young 'doing OK' with Packers

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 14, 2013

GREEN BAY - Packers general manager Ted Thompson isn't necessarily the most public guy when it comes to praise or criticism of a player, but when asked about backup quarterback Vince Young's progress, he gave a very understanding report of his situation.

"We've put a lot on his plate in a short time...he's doing OK," Thompson told reporters Wednesday.

"A pleasant fellow to be around, seems like a team guy, is trying to learn, compete as fast as he can."

The team chose to sign Young as a free agent during the initial weeks of camp, instead of earlier in the off-season where Young could have gained more of an education on the Packers' offense.