Reaction comes in after reports of Packers signing Vince Young

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Reaction comes in after reports of Packers signing Vince Young

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 5, 2013

GREEN BAY - Reaction is coming about the reported signing by the Green Bay Packers of quarterback Vince Young.

Here is some of that reaction, by a number of our Packers contributors, and others:

We start with contributor John Rehor of and Cheesehead Radio.

Next, contributor Colleen Brenton, who also contributes for Pocket Doppler and co-hosts "Out of the Pocket" on

I think they signed him to get a good look at the read option for the defense - and he'll be cut by the first game. 

He doesn't fit in the Packers offensive scheme, and he can be a prima donna who is a divisive presence in a locker room. 

Also not a good fit for the Packers organization.

Here's the thoughts of's Mike Conklin:

I have no problem with this signing at all. It is strictly a low-risk, high-reward venture. Young is not guaranteed a spot on the 53-man roster...far from it. If he is to make an impact, he's going to have to earn it. Best case scenario:

Young shows glimpses of what he was in college and early in his career. Worst case scenario: They cut him. And what would that hurt?

One other thought: A water cooler topic the past couple seasons has been whether or not it would be a good thing if the Packers brought in Tim Tebow, to see if Mike McCarthy and his staff can mold him into a "real" quarterback.

In a way, isn't signing Vince Young almost like that...without the circus that is certainly to follow Tebow?

Then, there's contributor Stephen O'Brien of UK Packers:

Vince Young was once named Rookie of the Year, all be it in 2006. He also took the Tennessee Titans to the Playoffs.

That said, the NFL is very different now. All in all, Vince had bucket loads of potential but a bad attitude.

Nothing humbles a man like a fall from grace and Young has certainly had that.

Green Bay is a place to get rid of distractions and the team picks players who have potential and convert that into star power.

Harrell and Coleman have not seemed convincing and with Harrell recently being named one of the worst backups in the league, the Packers need a viable back up.

The team is bringing Vince in to be a backup after all and with the right attitude and coaching, the guy could be a very worthy number 2.

If that is all he is required to be...

We add in Kelly Hodgson, the co-host of the podcast "Out of the Pocket" at Her other Packers musings can be found at

Bulaga blows his knee, Vince Young is in town and the Packers have gone into radio silence.

Are these portents for an impending zombie apocalypse or does a blind side deficit with Bulaga's absence signal a need for an explosive insurance policy?

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