Packers fans de-name Jennings jerseys

Greg Jennings. Image by Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Packers fans de-name Jennings jerseys

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 8, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 9, 2013

SIOUX FALLS, SD - When couples break up, they often make sure to remove the remnants of their previous relationship.

So it is happening with Packers Nation and former wide receiver Greg Jennings, who has continued to step up the acrimony between the two sides.

One fan in South Dakota, Austin Eich, went the route of duct tape to cover up the name of the wide receiver.

If he chose to go with a former Packers player, he could have used other wide receivers such as Max McGee, Ken Payne, Phillip Epps, Jeff Query, Kittrick Taylor and Corey Bradford.

Instead, he sent a message to Jennings.