Packers-Bears game brings out family rivalry

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Packers-Bears game brings out family rivalry

By Todd Hicks. CREATED Dec 29, 2013

WAUKESHA - The biggest rivalry in football had a Waukesha family on the edge of their seats Sunday.

Bill Moeller and his daughter are Packers fans. His wife Stephanie and son Gavin are big Bears fans.

It meant no matter what the outcome of the game, half of their household wasn't going to be happy.

"If we could draw a line across the room or put a piece of duct tape across the room, I think we would probably do that" Said Moeller.

The game winning touchdown had Bill and Paige cheering, while Stephanie and Gavin had frowns on their faces.

The Waukesha Mother is talking the Bears loss in stride, but that doesn't mean her family will get off without feeling a little pain.

"They don't get breakfast, they have to make their own" She said. 

Todd Hicks

Todd Hicks

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