McCarthy tells young child in commercial 'listen to your mom'


Mike McCarthy in a Cellcom commercial. Video by YouTube | Photo: YouTube

McCarthy tells young child in commercial 'listen to your mom'

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Sep 27, 2013

The head coach of the Green Bay Packers is following in the footsteps of his more-famous quarterback, wide receiver and linebacker in the commercial world.

Mike McCarthy stars as a coach throwing a red flag toward a family that believes they can't get cell coverage anywhere in their home. 

He even throws a red challenge flag, and directs a child to take a time out and listen to his mom.

That's something he's done for his players, too.

The commercial is for Cellcom.

No, he doesn't wear a fake mustache like Clay Matthews did in his Fathead commercial.

No, he also doesn't have SNL veterans being Chicago "Superfans" in an Aaron Rodgers State farm ad.

Nor does he wake up in the fall colors of Wisconsin in a state tourism ad.

But he does show his acting prowess.

Though perhaps it may not outdo Bill Parcells singing "Groovin'" and "Kumbaya."