Larrivee: Near-perfect offensive night powered Packers past early worries

Jordy Nelson. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Larrivee: Near-perfect offensive night powered Packers past early worries

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Oct 28, 2013

When the Green Bay Packers made the opening kickoff and gave up an NFL record-setting 109 yards return to the Minnesota Vikings' Cordarrelle Patterson, there was great cause for worry.

For 13 seconds.

According to 620WTMJ's Voice of the Packers wayne Larrivee, there was no further reason for worry for the remaining 59:47 of the game.

"The Packers responded on the very first possession for Green Bay.  That was a classic drive, 14 plays resulting in a touchdown.  A significant chunk of (time) off the  clock, 7:24 time of possession.  That drive, not the kickof return by Patterson, set the tone for the way the game would be played: Green Bay ball possession all night."

The Packers were historically good offensively in their 44-31 shellacking of the Vikings - a game where the score belied how dominant Green Bay truly was.

"They didn't have to punt the ball.  I believe that's the first time since the 80's that they didn't have to punt the ball," said Larrivee on 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News."

"It was a very impressive performance by (Aaron) Rodgers, the way he conducted the offense.  He had great numbers, but the way he orchestrated the offense with all the new faces in place.  It was like they were in rhythm right from the beginning.  (Eddie) Lacy ran the ball terrifically.  (James) Starks was impressive when he came in.  Rodgers, he did what he always (does) to the Vikings.  He just takes it to them."

Larrivee also gave extra kudos to the guys up front, particularly the dominance of left tackle David Bakhtiari who nearly silenced five-time Pro Bowl lineman Jared Allen of the Vikings.

"I thought just a tremendous performance.  David might have had one penalty, and that was about it.  I thought he was outstanding. The kid is getting better and better each week," said Larrivee.

"Nothing seems to faze him.  He's very unassuming, just going about his business and doing a nice job of it."

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