Favre and Holmgren: Split after '98 may have cost Packers titles

Mike Holmgren, Brett Favre. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Favre and Holmgren: Split after '98 may have cost Packers titles

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Jan 23, 2014

The coach and quarterback of the 1996 Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers admit that had they stayed together in Green Bay, the Packers might have more Lombardi Trophies in their collection.

"Had we stayed together, I think we win several more championships," admitted Brett Favre in a shared interview with his then-coach, Mike Holmgren, in a recent interview with KJR Radio in Seattle.

"We were fortunate enough to win one together...but I think better things were yet to come had we stayed together."

"Do you realize what my record would be as a head coach as I'd stayed with him?  It would be phenomenal," said Holmgren.  He departed Favre and the Packers in 1998 when the Seahawks hired him to be coach and general manager.

Favre credited Holmgren for the combination of discipline and trust that turned Favre from a partying third-stringer in Atlanta to a Super Bowl champion and future Hall-of-Famer who re-wrote the NFL record book.

"Had it not been for you at that time in my career...I needed someone who was firm, and also forgiving.  I really believe that," said Favre.  "I was as raw as they come.  I needed someone who was patient...but also was understanding.  Had it not been for you at that time, I definitely would not have played 20 years."

As Holmgren joked, "He was in the principal's office all the time."