Fans plan ahead for bridge closure during Packers game

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Fans plan ahead for bridge closure during Packers game

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Oct 3, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 3, 2013

GREEN BAY - The highways are always clogged before a Packers home game, but when you take into account this game is a Gold Package game and a major bridge is closed; the state Department of Transportation is begging you to plan ahead this Sunday.

Pam Cole is a huge Packers fan.  Her dad had Packers season tickets and passed them down to her.  When she heard the Leo Frigo bridge is closed for the foreseeable future, “I was very worried about how we are going to get up there,” Cole said.

Because it’s a gold package game, there will be extra fans from Milwaukee making the trip.  Normally more than 30-thousand cars would take the bridge on a home game Sunday. 

“Those vehicles are going to have to go somewhere else, that’s where the delays come in,” said Randy Asman P.E., a state DOT engineer.

The state DOT is using every resource available to help ease traffic on Sunday.  They will have freeway message boards up, will be monitoring highway cameras, and will have at least 7 additional state patrol officers on the roads in the area.

“They will have a plane up on Sunday morning keeping an eye from up above and being able to relay that info to their officers and stadium control,” Asman said.

Cole has already planned ahead for a new route.

“We’re going to leave about an hour earlier.  We usually tailgate, sometimes get there around 8am.”