Donald Driver's plans for Halloween present, 'hillbilly' past

Donald Driver against the Detroit Lions in January 2012. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Donald Driver's plans for Halloween present, 'hillbilly' past

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Oct 29, 2013

Like many families, the household of the all-time leading receiver in Green Bay Packers history gets deeply involved in Halloween.

"It is big," explained Donald Driver on 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Afternoon News" Tuesday.

Packers fans will appreciate the outfit his oldest son is wearing.

"Cristian decided he wanted to go as a Green Bay Packer.  He put on daddy's jersey...he's very excited."

As for his other two kids, "Charity is going as a bunny, and Christina is going as an angel."

Do he and his wife Betina go in costume, too?

"I normally dress up.  I dressed up as a hillbilly a couple years ago.  We went around to different parties and had a good time."

What's the gift of choice for those who'll wander his small neighborhood in Texas while wearing Halloween costumes?

"We're going to give out the little candy bars.  We've got a couple bags full of that.  We'll give out as much as possible."

Our John Mercure admitted how if his family buys candy too early, some of it ends up in his own stomach.

"That's why have you have to have the kid's stash, and then (your) stash," said Driver.

Sage advice.