17-10 loss to Seattle, but some Packers shine

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17-10 loss to Seattle, but some Packers shine

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 23, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 24, 2013


12:37 a.m.
Another take to think about - it's not just what we saw, but what we didn't see that will define tonight's Packers preseason game.

12:30 a.m.
Two takes on tonight's Packers game:
- 620WTMJ's Jeff Falconio
- Packerpedia's Mike Conklin

11:38 p.m.
C.J. Wilson discussed a bit about how the Packers' defense did a solid job keeping Russell Wilson under wraps - just three points under his leadership, two picks and two sacks.

11:06 p.m.
Injury update:

10:31 p.m.
Mike McCarthy exclusively to Larry McCarren:

On backup QB job: "It's not resolved." "We still have time left...Vince Young, I thought he took a step today...took the team down the field, looked in command."

And despite getting occasionally gashed, often in the first couple series by Russell Wilson and company: "A lot of good things that happened on our defense."

4th Quarter

10:08 p.m.  Packers' 4th Drive  1:52
It's time to shine, B.J. Coleman.  Make Graham Harrell shake in his cleats about that final QB job.

Dink and dump.  Dink and dump.  3rd-5 at GB 11: Sack time.  Nothing available with a sack by a pair.  O-line failed Coleman there.  Not his fault.

4th-12 at GB 4: Why not?

Coleman....nearly picked.  That's when a pick is as good as an incompletion.

9:58 p.m. Seahawks' 3rd Drive  7:49
Again, Seattle gashing Packers defensive linemen in the run game.  It didn't happen early.  It's happened late tonight.

Michael with lots of room after a good cutback.  Misdirection.  Little contain on the outside.  And of course, TV shows the Kaepernick TD run in the playoffs where no defenders were within an area code.

Same problem tonight, but not the read option.  Just a read and cut.

TIck.  Tock.  Run this clock down.  Tick.  Tock.  Will Coleman get another chance to win a job?

Yes, thanks to....

9:53 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  8:51
Now, B.J. Coleman can earn that 3rd QB spot. 

Short stuff, but Green makes it 31 yards with fantastic blocking.   Sort of more student body left vs. a shovel pass.

Coleman play action and a throw to a blanketed Charles Johnson.  Blackmon with the pick, but also with the pass interference call.  Coleman's taking chances to get on the roster, but he may have to.  He got away with one there.

Stoneburner blew a great throw by Coleman.  Would have been first and goal at the two, and that may have just taken his roster spot away.  You might not clinch a spot on the 53-man roster in preseason game 3, but you can lose it.

9:43 p.m.  Seahawks' 2nd Drive  11:19
Seattle 17, Green Bay 10
Quinn-Williams 42 yd TD pass

Wow.  These Seahawks pile up penalties.  That "chippy outfit" as Larry McCarren calls them could lose a game or two if they don't shape up.  If it's in January at Lambeau Field, no problem.

And on offense...when he gets the chance...

3rd down, and Coleman will have to wait a while.  Quinn over the middle for an easy pitch-and-catch first down.

He'll wait for a while longer.  25 yards on a screen pass and Jordan Miller got tattooed while trying to stop the screen.  Hurt.

Quinn bombing to Williams...and he destroys his defender, Means. That guy may have lost a roster spot tonight.

9:39 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  11:40
Young: 6-7, 41 yds, 39 yds rushing and the 2nd string QB job to lose.

Coleman with his first opportunity...and it's three-and-out territory.  Bostick had the ball in his hands on 3rd down...should have held on, but a good defensive play by Johnson.

9:30 p.m.  Seahawks' 1st Drive  14:48
Moses trying to stay alive in the battle for a roster spot and gets his guy in the backfield.

SACK TIME!  Datone Jones, though, a step too early on his pass rush.  From 3rd and forever to 3rd and 8.

More flaggage with the safety blitz as Manning slams Quinn down during a deep throw.  Did he lead with the head?

Nope.  Just a hit.  Should be legal.  IMPOSSIBLE to stop your momentum if you're a defender.  Bad call.

Micah Hyde can freaking run blitz.  He is a poor man's Charles Woodson.

3rd-6 at SEA 48: Blitzing...and Quinn bombs it to Sturgeon Bay.  No choice.

9:27 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  continued from 1st quarter
Blackmon with the punt return for Seattle, and Banjo picks Blackmon down.  I know.  Bad joke. But I had to.

3rd Quarter

9:23 p.m.  Packers' 4th Drive  1:29
Fumble-itis on the snap.  15 yard loss.  Lewis with a blind shotgun snap, not so good.

3-and-out, thanks to one bad flick of a wrist.

9:17 p.m.  Seahawks' 3rd Drive  3:39
Mike Daniels again shows he can stop the run.  Slammin' a back down.

Brady Quinn "rolls right into a sack."  Nate Palmer the gleeful beneficiary.

3rd-17 at GB 48: Bomb for Williams and a fantastic catch at the pylon, but his feet were over the white line.

Plus, Brandon Smith knocked it loose.  Touchdown-saving play, somewhat. 

9:03 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  9:38 left in 3rd quarter
Graham Harrell: 6-14 for 49 yards.  Vince Young now QB in game


We now see what he can do.  22 yards like a lanky running back scrambling.

But we also see what he can do, the negative side.  Behind his receiver in coverage, a lot of white shirts.  "In no man's land."  - Larry McCarren. Nearly picked.

Chippy play continues.  15-yards for hitting after the tackle. 

Young with a scramble and a great throw to Gillett.  "Generous spot" (Wayne Larrivee's words) and a lack of yellow hankies on the Packers' O-line after big time holding means a first down.

Quarless playmaking on the key pass from Young.  Exactly how you run the thing.  Regular Rodgers play.  That shows Young is getting at least a little bit of the offense.

Vince's scrambling ability means 19 yards.  Athleticism and he's starting to get the offense.

Now two yards from paydirt...again, offensive line fail.  Franklin up the middle and a few inches there.  That's it.  Newhouse lost his guy.

"We've got to clean up this running game." - Larry McCarren

Amosa!  Make me a beer-mosa!  Perfect play action.

8:55 p.m.  Seahawks' 1st Drive  11:57 left in 3rd quarter
Seattle 10, Green Bay 3
Michael 42 yd TD run

Jordan Miller!  This time the first team quarterback gets nailed by a 3rd-string defender.  That's a sign of hope for the defense.

Bombing to Golden Tate, and extra oomph from the crowd after Hyde and Powell converged to stop that deep pass.  Hyde broke it up at the last minute.

Short to Williams...and it's too much cushion for him.  First down.  Blame Means for allowing it.

C.J. Wilson with a coverage sack! He was being held when Wilson scrambled left...and still grabbed the former Badger.

Huge hole for Michael...and he goes the distance.  MOSTER hole.  Sad.

8:48 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  15:00 left in 3rd quarter
1st half observations?  The biggest comes from Larry McCarren on offensive ineptitude.  "There wasn't a lot there.  Just not getting it done at the line of scrimmage."

Same thing on the first play of the 3rd quarter.  Right side of the Packers' offensive line did nothing.  "Greg Van Rotten." -  Larry McCarren

So was Myles White, blown up by a Seattle defender while he was defenseless on the next play.

Another failed run play, a failed screen.  "They are getting nothing." - Wayne Larrivee.  Massive

3rd-18: D.J. Williams gets a catch, but very little there.

The Packers' offensive line: 1500 lbs. of fail.

2nd Quarter

8:24 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  1:17
Finley with a drop of a ball that was behind him, but he can catch that.  That was his fault.

3rd-9 at GB 35: Uh oh.  Lateral fumbled as Harrell attempted to avoid a sack with a backward pass to Lacy.  But he got it back.  Ugh.

Golden Tate gets a big return off.  A 50 yard long return.  Tate screams at 79,000 people yelling at him.  Flags, of course, fly in this emotional semi-rivalry game.  First was for running into the kicker.  Second for unsportsmanlike against the Packers.

ANOTHER flag against Loyce Means for running out of bounds "unabated" though he WAS pushed into.

3rd punt...Tate waits again for Masthay's punt, and this time he's corralled again.  Two MORE flags down.  Brazilian flagmakers are striking at all this yellow fabric being used.

8:18 p.m.  Seahawks' 3rd Drive  2:12
Nick Perry.  He's showing up a bit more in the stat sheet tonight.  Solid tackle.

Near pick!  Francois almost had a pick six in his sights!  Gotta catch that.  He holds his head in disgust.

THIS time McMillan gets a diving pick at the 50 yard line.  Fabulous job of beating Golden Tate on that play.

Then, of course...extracurriculars afterward, and Mike McCarthy will get on Robert Francois for not keeping his cool.  Taunting.

"He's one of the quietest guys in the locker room." - Larry McCarren

8:07 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  6:35
4th deep overshoot of James Jones on outside throws, but this time, pass interference.  Sherman tried to drag Jones down as he slipped.

Lacy: 5 carries, 5 yards.  Not so effective tonight.

3rd-10 at SEA 26: Harrell to Boykin - THERE we go.  That time, credit Boykin with necessary YAC after a simple square out pattern.

3rd-10 at SEA 12 - not enough after the too-short throw to Ross...but I sense they're going for it.

4th-2 at SEA 4: Tipped...CAUGHT!  Finley!  Finally, a touchdown...well, maybe not.  The replays show Finley didn't get complete control.  It slipped through his grasp.

8:04 p.m. Seahawks' 3rd Drive  8:34
Lots of injury issues. Harris. Now this:

3rd-5 at GB 48: PICK CITY!  Hayward.  Double-tip.  "He has got that knack for being in the right place at the right time." - Larry McCarren

7:56 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  10:39
Bad blocking on a student body right with Harris.

Much better blocking for a screen pass, but Harris hurt.  Walking under his own power.  Good sign.

3rd-4 at GB 26: Finley's angry after not getting more yardage on a short throw from Harrell, but it was enough.

Phew.  Boykin with the ball down after a catch on the left side, but refs blow it dead.  Down by contact, allegedly.

But Carroll throws the challenge flag.  For good reason.  Boykin already lost the football by that point.  Carroll was right.

7:51 p.m.  Seahawks' 2nd Drive  12:16 left in 2nd Quarter
House's great coverage  forces the first incompletion of the night from Russell Wilson.

Open field tackle.  Hayward on Turbin.  Could have been a LOT worse without Hayward's textbook move.

3rd-17 at GB 35: Golden Tate made the catch this time...but too far away from the first down mark.  Useless catch.  He was left wide open after a linebacker went out on him.  Still, no first down.

Uh oh.

7:45 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  14:17 left in 2nd quarter
No ARod anymore.

Lacy gets the first play for Harrell's first snap, and 11 yards of gain will be negated thanks to yellow flaggage.

McCarren says bad call on Bakhtiari as he pushes his defenders down, but Bakhtiari had a hold of Schofield's jersey with his right hand.

Play action for the first time, and Harrell has the third overthrow of the night on a deep outside play.  Packers not hitting on home runs tonight.

3rd-11 at GB 7: Morgan tips Harrell's pass and it's a naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathing doing series.

Boobirds rain down on Harrell...make that Golden Tate, the punt returner.  He's the guy who caught the Fail Mary, and he's shaking his head, saying "yep, yep, keep booing me."

7:41 p.m.  Seahawks' 1st Drive  continued from 1st quarter
Yeah, the Packers' d-line has been owned this drive so far.

Therefore, enter Johnny Jolly.  Stuffage of Seattle running backs like turkeys.

"Johnny Jolly has made as many plays as any Packers defensive lineman has this preseason." - Larry McCarren.

Uh oh.

1st Quarter

7:34 p.m.  Seahawks' 2nd Drive  3:07 left in 1st Quarter
Who gets kickoff duties?

Brad Jones - repeat what Claymaker did earlier! That time, a bit of a coverage sack, too.

Uh oh. Lynch gets first down yardage with a perfectly set up screen pass. Three big ol' blockers to provide the caravan. Packers sucked in.

Seattle offensive line starting to get some openings on the left side.  As Wayne Larrivee put it, "gashes."  It's against the Packers' starting defensive line, too.

7:20 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  7:29 left in 1st Quarter
Green Bay 3, Seattle 3
Crosby 38 yd FG

After a darn good job by Ross:

Rodgers' first opportunity: D.J. Williams out of the backfield.  Changing personnel in unusual spots.

No huddle.  Great for offenses.  Bad for bloggers.

3rd-2 at GB 36: Me and Mr. Jones.  Pitch and catch.  Four yards.  I could do that.

Next play, a mirror image but on the far sideline.  Playing it safe, but using no-huddle to their advantage.

First play action opportunity, and Seattle wasn't buying it.  But Rodgers got what he needed to reach the yellow line that he can't see.

"It looks pretty awesome...kind of like a machine." - Larry McCarren on the Packers' no-huddle offense when it works.

Rodgers to Finley and the first downfield pass of the day is perfect.  Finley owned his guy.  Easy pitch and catch with YAC.

Just one run play so far.  Balance?  Not really, but it's a practice game.

There's Harris pounding to gain four yards, and Wagner of the Seahawks gets de-helmeted.  Lovely.

3rd-4 at SEA 20: 2nd downfield outside pass of the drive and 2nd time Rodgers overthrows his guy.

7:05 p.m.  Seahawks' 1st Drive  15:00 left in first quarter
Seattle 3, Green Bay 0
Hauschka 27 yd FG

Tim Masthay may have the strongest leg for kickoffs on the team.  He sends this one across the Illinois state line.

Russell Wilson and company start with the football, and the first play is a fantastic scramble with no one keeping an eye on him after he escapes the pass pocket.  13 yards before sliding like Johnny Bench.

Brad Jones shows he's not the best at pass coverage.  11 yard throw to the tight end.  Over compensation.

C.J. Wilson shows again he can slap down running backs without issue.  We know the Packers defense can stop Seattle's running game.  They did it back in Week 3 last year, and they did it on the first two run plays.  Nice.

3rd-9 at SEA 45: Wilson beats the biltz.  Seattle scheme beat Green Bay scheme.  First down throw, but Datone Jones did rush the QB that time.  First game action for him.

Wilson is super accurate on this first drive.  No incompletions despite having to run for his life.  Short gain, but it shows that Wilson's elusiveness is incredible, and why he could play for a LONG time if he keeps it in the pass pocket.

3rd-8 at GB 36 - Hyde was burned by Baldwin.  No jam at the line of scrimmage.  27 yards later, Hyde gets him down.  Not good.

1st-goal...and the Seahawks can't run the ball.  They simply can't.

FINALLY!  Claymaker!  Every receiver jammed his guy on the line of scrimmage, and Clay destroyed the back trying to block him.

Then came some extracurriculars.  This defense is VERY fired up.


3rd-forever at GB 25: Lynch around left end....with eight guys deep, Lynch's run made sense.  But no first down.





Pregame updates

7:04 p.m.
Pregame flip - Seattle chooses to receive after Packers defer.

6:58 p.m.
The Packers enter Lambeau Field.  Conditions are sunny, 73 degrees, 57% humidity and an 8 mph wind from the southeast.

"Couldn't be better." - Wayne Larrivee

Of course, they enter from the southeast tunnel to their traditional song.

6:40 p.m.
Who among the Packers needs to impress tonight? 
- "Anyone who's not a starter." - Larry McCarren
- "Graham Harrell...Don Barclay" - Mark Tauscher

6:35 p.m.
More McCarthy to Wayne Larrivee:

"We're going to rotate DuJuan Harris and Eddie Lacy with the first group and see if we can get rhythm with those two guys."

"I think it's definitely dead even...you're talking about opportunities that are given to kickers.  Hopefully we score a bunch of points tonight and the kickers can get further evaluation."

6:30 p.m.
Mike McCarthy exclusively with Wayne Larrivee

"I don't know anymore.  It's a little different than it was three years ago...just the way things have unfolded, the second year under (the current CBA).  I think it's important to give everyone an opportunity.  That's the balance you have to find."

"We've been able to play every player available for weeks 1 and 2.  These men have been here since April 15th.  They're trying to make our team.  We'll get as much information as we can."

"Our defense is ahead of our offense."

"Randall Cobb is not going to play tonight.  We're going to take Randall and Jordy (Nelson) and get them ready for Kansas City."

6:09 p.m.
Who'll be catching punts tonight?  Micah Hyde will get a test.

6:07 p.m.
Interesting.  It's not during the game, but it could be something to watch whether the trend continues.  From Dan Koob of NBC26:

5:59 p.m.
More updates on inactives:

5:52 p.m.
An update on inactives from NFL Network:

4:43 p.m.
Fans are getting excited.

4:39 p.m.
Drivers heading up to Green Bay have been experiencing big backups

The combination of rush hour, Packers fans from Milwaukee and weekend vacationers does not make an easy commute north.

When the fans get there, our Jeff Falconio has three things they should watch for.

Some REALLY good news for wide receiver Jordy Nelson when it comes to his comeback from a knee injury.  Click here to read it.

2:22 p.m.
Game time gets closer.  T.J. Lang, the Packers guard, is feeling it.

1:43 p.m.
Another key thing to check out this evening for the Packers - does anyone step up in the battle to become the new return guy?

Randall Cobb did an exceptional job of it in recent years.  The Packers are trying to find his replacement.

12:41 p.m.
One thing to watch for today: how much the Packers use play-action passes.  Mike Conklin of Packerpedia, one of our Packers contributors, shows in detail how that could be a critical piece of offensive weaponry for Green Bay this year.

12:01 p.m.
Wayne Larrivee gives lots of things to watch for tonight during the Packers-Seahawks game - a LONG list of great roster battles which should shape themselves tonight.

11:37 a.m.
We're seeing some of the Packers players take to Twitter to express themselves, including a Packers wide receiver who's battling for a roster spot and may have to have a huge performance when he gets the ball.

10:58 a.m.
One of our Packers contributors says this game "is as good as preseason gets."

He says why, specifically the anger that still resonates over the "Fail Mary" catch.

Also, a reminder to fans going to tonight's game: leave your bags at home.

9:22 a.m.
Yes, there are 176 high school games in Wisconsin tonight which conflict with the Packers-Seahawks game.

Bad scheduling on the part of the Packers?  No.  Don't blame Mark Murphy, the Packers president.

Blame executives in two office buildings in midtown Manhattan.

Pregame story

Rarely has there been this much anticipation for a Green Bay Packers preseason game.

The game that is often known as the "dress rehearsal," the 3rd preseason game, brings a Seattle Seahawks team that evokes incredible levels of angry emotion due to the "Fail Mary" game played nearly 11 months ago.

Even if the guy who really caught the "Fail Mary" pass, M.D. Jennings, isn't focusing on the fact that referee Lance Easley didn't rule that way.

He's focusing on bigger things, like the present.,

But there is some question as to whether this game will really be that dress rehearsal.

That's because the Packers have a LOT of decisions to make regarding the roster, particularly the lower parts of the roster, and they haven't had much chance to do so with the limited practice time compared to past years after the new collective bargaining agreement.

Of course, there's lots for the fans to think about as well coming to tonight's game.

First, there's getting there, and the orange barrels that drivers may encounter which could delay things.  However, there won't be THAT much of them.

Then, there's what will happen when fans see the man who was ruled to have caught the "Fail Mary" pass, Golden Tate.  

Will fans overdo their hatred for a man who did his job instead of sending their wrath toward the man who didn't do his, the ref (who won't be in the building)?

There's a lot surrounding this preseason game.  It comes off a much more optimistic practice week than the week before, even with some injury and sickness challenges.