Anatomy of a Packers road trip: Kansas City

Micah Hyde. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Anatomy of a Packers road trip: Kansas City

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 29, 2013

What happens behind the scenes of a Packers road trip?  What's the mindset, the activity, the story of each Packers player as the hours tick down to kickoff?

We give you another example of how individual Packers approach their road trip with this preseason-ender in Kansas City against the Chiefs.

Some of them, like David Fulton, know this could be the last game of their NFL career if they don't produce.

Some have their college alma mater's upcoming game on their mind as they prep for tonight.

Some sit around the dinner table and laugh...such as the defensive linemen with Clay Matthews in an Instagram video.

Some take in the view from the hotel.

Some just enjoy the hotel.

Some have a LOT on their minds, like Dezman Moses and Jerel Worthy (on the PUP list, so not playing tonight) who are are both grieving.


Some are simply cursing out the meteorologists.

Whatever their thoughts are, they will turn to football soon.

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