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"Mo: A Loeys Dietz Syndrome Memoir"

"Mo: A Loeys Dietz Syndrome Memoir"

     Maureen “Mo” Jurgens was born in 1995 with a rare disease as yet undiagnosed at that time. Mo’s mother, Kate, a neonatal intensive care nurse, recognized the signs of birth defects right from the start: turned feet, closed fists, and a cleft palate. It wouldn’t be until over nine years and seventeen surgeries later that a key discovery would lead to the diagnosis of Loeys Dietz Syndrome, a rare connective tissue disease that allows aneurysms to grow throughout the entire body as well as wreak havoc on the joints and soft tissue. 

Kate’s journey became one of discovering how to mother a child with special needs while also raising three other children, expand her nursing knowledge, strengthen her own marriage, and deepen her Catholic faith. Compiled mostly from Kate’s journal entries over the course of Mo’s first thirteen years, Mo: A Loeys Dietz Syndrome Memoir is both a medical mystery and story of triumphant spirits. 

About the Author: Kate H. Jurgens, BSN, RN, graduated from Marquette University, and is a prenatal care coordinator at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

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