'Baby, it’s cold outside'…So Snuggle Up with a Book

'Baby, it’s cold outside'…So Snuggle Up with a Book

     The best kind of book is the one you can’t put down because the characters compel you to turn the page and the plot keeps you riveted to their story.

1. “In A Glass Grimmly” by Adam Gidwitz

     “Once upon a time, fairy tales were horrible,” writes the author. Revolting, strange and bloody. They were written for children so they contained danger and scary situations so children to learn to be brave and courageous and resourceful (especially if something happened to their parents).

2. “Navigating Early” by Clare Vanderpool

     This is the latest from the author of the Newberry winning, “Moon Over Manifest."  It’s set directly after WWII and it’s about two boys (Jack and Early) sent to a boarding school in the Great North Woods of Maine where they become friends (partly because neither one fits in well and they have both been abandoned). Early is a unique young boy– a savant who has a very different view of reality and the world around him. For a variety of reasons all to do with the story of PI and a story about the Great Black Bear, they head out on a quest along the Appalachian Trail.

3. Merciless by Lori Armstrong

     Mercy Gunderson, ex-black ops sniper turned South Dakota rancher and the main character in this sexy series as “the kind of woman Lyle Lovett sings about,” dressed in “faded jeans and scuffed boots,” carrying a gun, no purse. The plot races around Mercy’s first case as a rookie FBI agent working in the Rapid City field office. The investigation begins with a murder on the Eagle River
Reservation and ends up threatening her home and family.

4. Suspect by Robert Crais

     Crais is a master of the cinematic thriller– books that are fast paced with tight-rope tension and characters you really care about. In this one there’s an amazing dog too. It’s about an injured LAPD officer suffering from PTSD who joins the K9 division. His new partner is Maggie, a black and tan German shepherd, also suffering from PTSD. They learn to work together and help each other heal. Crais began his career writing for TV and one of his novels, Hostage, was a terrific film with Bruce Willis. This will be on our big screens soon.

5. City Of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte

     This book is set in Eastern Europe in Prague where a graduate student in music working in a medieval castle.  She discovers the castle may be more than haunted; it may protect all sorts of
secrets, especially a portal to other worlds. This is an adult adventure story, a sexy romance, a witty time-travelling thriller and a just a wicked good read. This book has something for everyone.

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