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Cooking with Thunder Bay

Cooking with Thunder Bay

     Thunder Bay is offering a Thanksgiving Day Buffet in the restaurant from 10-4.  They will be serving up all of the traditional items, from Oven Roasted Turkey and Honey Glazed Ham, to Chef Carved Roast Beef.  Along with all the fixin's, including stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, glazed carrots and our special homemade Wisconsin cranberry sauce, and a selection of desserts and pies as well.  If you call ahead to Thunder Bay and place an order, they will make up a variety of their Thanksgiving food for you to take home, so you can have your meal at home, and not worry about doing any of the actual cooking!  Place your orders by Tues Nov 20th, so they can be sure to cook up enough for everybody!

Wisconsin Cranberry Sauce with Apples

-4 Cups Fresh (or frozen) Wisconsin Cranberries
-2 Cups Peeled and Chopped Apples (Granny Smith or Golden Delicious)
-1 Cup Orange Juice
-1 Cup White Sugar
-1 tsp fresh grated Orange Zest
Combine juice and sugar in a sauce pan, stir to dissolve the sugar, then add the remaining ingredients and bring just to a boil. Cook at a simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. The cranberries will pop, releasing their natural pectin and the sauce will thicken. Cool completely and store in refrigerator until ready to use.

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