Woman says Facebook rejected her weight-loss photo


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Woman says Facebook rejected her weight-loss photo

CREATED Jan 11, 2014

A Washington state woman is claiming that she was not allowed to post a photograph to Facebook that showed her dramatic weight loss.

Marilyn McKenna used to weigh 265 pounds. She lost 120 pounds. McKenna said she was recently cleaning out her closet and found an old pair of her "fat pants." She thought it would be funny and possibly inspirational to show her standing in one leg of the pants.

Instead, she received the following error message from Facebook:

"These types of images are considered to be promoting idealized physical appearance and are policy violating."

McKenna also said Facebook officials told her that users aren't allowed to post before-and-after photos or anything with a scale or a tape measure.

A Facebook spokesperson initially said they had no record of banning the photo. The company later said McKenna was attempting to "boost" the post, which is a paid service. Facebook considers those type of posts to be advertisements.

According to Facebook policy, advertisers of weight loss products and other adult products must be limited to people over the age of 18. McKenna has responded that she was not trying to sell anything.

McKenna is in the process of writing a book about weight loss, and spends much of her time speaking and writing about health.