VIRAL VIDEO: Woman reunited with her long lost teddy


VIRAL VIDEO: Woman reunited with her long lost teddy

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jan 28, 2014

A video of a Christmas gift a man gave his fiancee has gone viral, leaving big shoes to fill for his fellow males.

According to Today, Vas Alli proposed to Jessica Crawford atop a Thailand mountain on Christmas Eve 2012. This Christmas, Alli decided to top it.

"Whitey" was Crawford's best toy bear. Throughout her childhood she never went to bed without it.  

"But after years of wear and tear, Whitey was in bad shape -- his body was torn, and he was missing an ear, his nose, both eyes and lots of stuffing," reports Today. Alli found him in an old box of family mementos and sent him to the Secaucus Doll Hospital for reconstructive surgery.

What comes next, you'll have to watch above to see. And remember, keep your tissues handy.

Crawford told Today, "Vas was able to give me back years that we didn't even share together. He became part of the first 25 years of my life."

Their bed has never been the same.



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