Students must 'pay' to use school bathroom, wet themselves instead


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Students must 'pay' to use school bathroom, wet themselves instead

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED May 22, 2014

It seems as though a hall pass is a thing of the past at one Vancouver, Wash., elementary school where a teacher has been reportedly "charging" her young students to use the restrooms.

Mill Plain Elementary School is currently under investigation after parents claim a third grade teacher has been making her students shell out Monopoly money to use the bathrooms. The students earn the play money through the school day.

They can use the toy money to buy treats, but also have to consider opting out of tempting treats to save their  money to go to the bathroom. The teacher's rule has resulted in several students wetting themselves because they had already spent their "money" on snacks instead.

Jasmine Alayadhi, a mother of a third grader who reportedly had an accident in class last week, tells KOIN 6 that her daughter said, “’I didn’t want to be left out. I wanted to have popcorn with my friends,’ [she said]. And so she tried to hold it. She said it hurt so bad the pain was so bad – 'I just had to let it go.'"

Another mother, Merchon Ortega, says her daughter also had an accident last week. “My daughter finally told me, ‘We have to pay to use the bathroom.’ Nobody should have to pay to use the bathroom,” Ortega tells KOIN 6.

"Evergreen School District spokeswoman Gail Spolar says the students earning fake money to use the bathroom is all part of the teacher’s management of the classroom," reports KOIN 6.

Mill Plain Elementary School has replaced the unidentified teacher with a substitute while further investigating the parents' complaints.

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