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Rhode Island teen trying to cook up new world record


Rhode Island teen trying to cook up new world record

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Mar 12, 2014

A Rhode Island teenager loves to cook. He has been doing it since the first grade, when he used to watch cooking shows and take classes.

In fact, he is cooking right now, and he is just a few hours away from setting a Guinness World Record.

Ben Perry is 18 years old and, as part of his senior project, he is attempting to cook for 40 hours straight.

If all goes according to plan, he will set the record shortly before noon today. He started at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday.

Here are the rules that Perry has to follow:

• Two dishes going at all times
• Everything has to made from scratch
• Must use items found in an average kitchen
• Only one five-minute break per hour

Perry is not only attempting to set a world record though, he is also doing something good for the community. All of the food that is being cooked will be served to hundreds of needy people at the Amos House in Providence, R.I.

The previous record of 36 hours and 58 minutes was set by Chef Rob Smink of the Netherlands, according to

WLNE-TV Channel 6 is tweeting about the attempt.

Joyce Lupiani

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