John Travolta introduces Idina Menzel's alter-ego 'Adele Dazim'

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John Travolta introduces Idina Menzel's alter-ego 'Adele Dazim'

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Mar 3, 2014

John Travolta graced the Academy Awards stage to introduce "Frozen" actress Idina Menzel's live performance of her Oscars-winning song, "Let it Go." However, it seems he announced her alter-ego "Adele Dazim" instead. Or was it "Adela Dazeem?" We're still not quite sure.

"Here to perform the Oscar-nominated, gorgeously empowering song, 'Let It Go,' from the Oscar-winning animated movie 'Frozen,' please welcome, the wickedly talented, one and only, Adele Dazim," Travolta flubbed as the real Idina Menzel took center stage.

Parody Twitter accounts have since reached thousands of followers.

Before the show was even over, Buzzfeed had posted a list detailing what would happen "If John Travolta Had To Pronounce Everyone's Name At The Oscars." Entries included Jard Liters (Jared Leto), Stanley Hopper (Bradley Cooper) and Lisa Manila Envelope (Liza Minnelli).

And if you're wondering how Travolta would say your name, E! has you covered. Noting that there isn't an "exact science" E! provided readers with a "phonetic alphabet" to find out "what Travolta would roughly approximate your name as."

All you have to do is "spell out your name using the letters below, then smush it all together until it's something you can actually pronounce out loud that might sound like a real name (though sounding like a real name is not required)," further states E!

E!'s phonetic alphabet reads as follows, with "A few rules of thumb: For double vowels and double consonants, drop one. Feel free to add a 'P' to the end. If it doesn't make sense, that's the point."

A - Switch to another vowel (A, E, I)

B - "ST"

C - "B"

D - "ART"

E - "EERS"

F - "H"

G - "GR"

H - Omit.

I - Switch to another vowel (A, E, I)

J - "J"

K - "J"

L - Move in front of the letter before it.

M - "L"

N - Omit.

O - "ORT"

P - "SP"

Q - Omit.

R - "DD"

S - Move behind the letter after it.

T - "TZ"

U - "ILT"

V - "M"

W - "OO"

X - Omit.

Y - Omit.

Z - "SS"

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