Grieving father gets rude piece of mail from OfficeMax


Grieving father gets rude piece of mail from OfficeMax

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Jan 20, 2014

An occasional customer of OfficeMax got an unexpected shock in the mail last week. Mike Seay of Lindenhurst, Ill., received a piece of “junk mail” from the office supply chain addressed to “Mike Seay, Daughter Killed in Car Crash."

Turns out it wasn’t a random mistake. Seay's daughter Ashley, 17, was killed in a car crash with her boyfriend last year, the Los Angeles Times reports.
“In a world where bits of personal data are mined from customers and silently sold off and shuffled among corporations, Seay appears to be the victim of some marketing gone horribly wrong,” the paper reports.
In a statement to the Times, OfficeMax said the mailing was “a result of a mailing list rented through a third-party provider" and offered its apologies to Seay. A spokeswoman told The Times on Sunday that the company was still gathering information about what had happened, and had not yet identified the company whose mailing list it used to send the letter to Seay.
Seay,who is unemployed, claims he’s been treated rudely since the incident by OfficeMax employees, who have not yet apologized to him personally. Seay told the Times “he called an OfficeMax number Friday and that a manager at a call center refused to believe he'd been sent the letter addressed that way. Then, he said, a spokeswoman for OfficeMax ‘acted the same way.’ . . . The spokeswoman was more conciliatory after she received a photo of the envelope.”
Seay says his wife was "traumatized" by the letter, and wants an apology from the company's chief executive. He also wants to know how OfficeMax got the information.
Phyllis Stark

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