Woman’s van ticketed at job required by Milwaukee city code


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Woman’s van ticketed at job required by Milwaukee city code

By Tom Murray. CREATED Nov 13, 2013

MILWAUKEE – It is one of those dirty jobs that somebody has to do.

Christina Krause runs a specialized family pressure washing business.

Avalon-based American Pressure Cleaning blasts away grease that builds up in the hoods over restaurant stoves and grills.  Routine cleanings are required to keep kitchens up to fire and safety codes.

Christina runs hoses into the restaurant carrying water at dangerously hot temperatures.  She parks near the door because someone could be seriously burned if a car ran over a hose.

“It would crush the hose and create a weak spot,” she explained.  “That hose could blow and it could actually burn me, one of my employees or anyone that happens to be walking by.”

A City of Milwaukee parking checker issued Christina’s van a $60 ticket after 10:00 at night on Wednesday, November 6.  She was doing an after-hours cleaning in a downtown restaurant.   The citation is for blocking traffic.  Christina said the checker even threatened to tow her van. 

Christina claims she put up cones for safety and left plenty of room for cars to pass.

She says she got no sympathy from the city employee.

The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works is standing by the ticket, a spokesperson told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.  They say service vehicles need a special permit to park in the street.

Christina thinks the city should reconsider and forgive the ticket.

“The most frustrating part is I’m trying to help these customers of mine do their part in staying safe,” she said.