'Selfie' links stolen iPad to suspected serial thief


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'Selfie' links stolen iPad to suspected serial thief

By Steve Chamraz. CREATED Oct 4, 2013

MILWAUKEE - You can only imagine what the father of two teenage girls was thinking when a "selfie" of their smiling faces appeared on Thursday night's 10 o'clock news.

But Milwaukee Police Captain Alfonso Morales has a pretty good idea.
"The father is watching your news station, Channel 4, he sees his daughter on TV, grabs his daughter and brings her into District 2," Morales said.
That father went to police with an explanation for why the girls' photo was uploaded to the "cloud" account of a man who reported his iPad stolen earlier in the week.
Morales said the girls bought the iPad from a stranger on the street.
An iPad they did not know was reported stolen Monday night from a car on the 300 block of W. Maple St.
It turns out what happened on Maple Street has been happening all over Walker's Point in recent week, and police suspect one man may be connected to many of those similar crimes.
That suspicion grew when the dad and teenage girls walked into District 2.
Their description of the guy who sold the stolen iPad sounded remarkably familiar.
"Coincidentally enough, he was sitting a few rooms over sitting in custody as we're trying to build a case on him for entry into autos," Morales said.
The man in custody has a lengthy criminal record, but he not yet been charged with these most recent incidents.
Police, however, are working on it -- thanks in part to a "selfie" snapped by a couple teenage girls.
"Maybe this is a deterrent to the bad guys out there taking these items -- it's not worth it," Morales said. "We'll track them down."
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