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Possible tree service scam strikes again


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Possible tree service scam strikes again

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Oct 31, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 31, 2013

MENOMONEE FALLS - It looks like a bad business that rips off homeowners is at it again.  The tree cutters didn't deliver what they promised in Menomonee Falls, and it may be connected to a New Berlin case.

Ann Farrenkopf and her husband needed a little tree work done. So when a service approached them at their house last Friday, it sounded like a great deal.

They were going to cut down the big tree back here and three back here that haven't even been touched yet."

The crew calling themselves "Arbor Tech Tree Care" showed up Saturday, but it didn't take long for Ann to get a bad feeling.

"They worked hard for a little bit and then all of a sudden they were just hanging around. And some left, some came back, left and came back."

And then, without a word, they left for good -- leaving a chopped up tree and equipment in the yard, but taking the full $2,000 payment.

"We were so angry when they didn't come Sunday, because Sunday was a beautiful day. And it really kind of hit us, I don't think they're coming back."

Authorities think it could be the same crew that took a New Berlin veteran for more than $5,000 earlier this month.

"They're as phony as a six dollar bill," says Joe Bach.

Meanwhile, Ann had more hope Thursday the crew might make good on their promise.

"Right before I called you today, they had called us and said we're coming in an hour.” They never showed up.

Ann says all she wants is her money back. Trust will be a lot harder.

"I feel like I'm cautious. I want to be trusting, but I'm not really that trusting."

Police say there really isn't a lot they can do in this case. Because the crew did do some work, it's not a criminal matter, it becomes an unsatisfied customer issue. Ann wants people to learn from this and never pay up front for work that isn't done.