Petition against waste treatment plant temporarily halts move

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Petition against waste treatment plant temporarily halts move

By Todd Hicks and Charles Benson. CREATED Jan 20, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 20, 2014

MENOMONEE FALLS - Hundreds of neighbors are fighting back against a factory’s plan to relocate to Menomonee Falls.

“This is not the type of good neighbor we should be welcoming into our community,” said one concerned citizen.

More than 350 residents packed the village hall to weigh in on ChemWorks’ proposed industrial waste and disposal plant. 

The company has purchased property to move from its Milwaukee location to a Menomonee Falls industrial park surrounded by homes.

Jean Lynch says the company’s prior violations and odor issues in Milwaukee have neighbors worried in Menomonee Falls.

“I don’t want to smell something and then have fines imposed.  Air and water quality are long term concerns. Don’t take chances with our health,” Lynch told the Village Board.

Lynch handed in more than one thousand signatures from residents who oppose the project.

Mike Bauman is one of them. “There’s no reason to believe they’re not going to come to Menomonee Falls and do the same thing here. So we just assume they go away and find another community to set up shop in. “   

Company President Mike Malatesta believes there’s a lot of misinformation about his company.

“If I had only heard about my company as it's been portrayed thus far, I would have the same concerns. Our goals are to be transparent in sharing information...”

The company plans to meet with residents at Davians Conference Center on January 30th, the meetings are at 2pm and 6:30pm.

Menomonee Falls plans to take up the issue again, sometime in February