Parents not contacted after bus crash


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Parents not contacted after bus crash

By Shannon Sims . CREATED Dec 18, 2013

MENOMONEE FALLS-- A bus full of children from Marcy Elementary was an hour late from dropping off kids Tuesday afternoon - a delay that had parents who were waiting for their child to arrive home on edge.

"Ever minute of that moment feels like an eternity," said concerned parent Heather Walters.

The Hamilton School District said the bus driver turned a corner at 126th Street and Cameron Avenue and the rear tire hit a parked trailer. As a precaution, the driver called police.

Nearly an hour later, police sent the bus on its way.

But the school district never called parents to alert them of the delay. That frustrated Desiree Thompson.

"I think someone dropped the ball someone should have contacted us. parents are driving up and down the street wondering where their kids are," said Thompson."That is not okay. "

Today's TMJ4 contacted the district for answers.. a spokesperson emailed us the same letters parents received today about yesterday's incident. the letter states the principal felt comfortable with the way the situation was handled. Not everyone agrees.

"They feel it was handled well and efficiently I disagree," said Walters.