High school athletes suspended after controversial photo


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High school athletes suspended after controversial photo

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Jan 15, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 16, 2014

SHEBOYGAN FALLS - "I did it like every other kid does it when they make a 3," said Sheboygan Falls Senior, Jordan Jackson.

The Sheboygan Falls News took a couple pictures of Jordan, Jamal and Juwaun Jackson for a story about the brothers moving to the district.  They took one serious pic, and a goofy pic.  The goofy picture ran.  It's the brothers' pose that got them in trouble.
"When you make a three, everyone does this sign.  You've probably seen LeBron James or someone do it.  I did the three in the picture, and my little brother pointed at the camera," 
The Sheboygan Falls Superintendent would not go on-camera but says parents complained it looked like gang symbols.  The school even asked the police department to look into the signs.
Jordan Jackson says he did not know it could be considered a gang symbol, "I had no idea.  They told us it meant blood."
Parents tell me they have no problem with the picture.
"It wouldn't bug me.  I wouldn't ever have thought it was a gang symbol," said parent Brandie Ciske.
"I thought they were a bunch of kids just being kids, really," said Malisa Mireles.
Now the two brothers will have to sit out a big game against rival Plymouth on Friday.
"Just gotta hope the best for my team," Jordan said.
The Superintendent tells me her main concern is to make sure every student feels safe at school, and some students did not feel safe because of the picture.
UPDATE: The ACLU of Wisconsin reacted to the suspension Thursday. In a statement, Executive Director Chris Ahmuty said the organization would be taking action to investigate the case.
“It appears as if the Sheboygan Falls school district and police department are unprepared to respond to the increasing diversity in the schools in an appropriate and educationally sound manner," the statement reads. "The ACLU will be seeking information from the schools in order to assess their compliance with pupil non-discrimination rules. The ACLU asks the district to immediately make the brothers eligible to play in tomorrow’s game."