Glendale man frustrated with police turns to flyers


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Glendale man frustrated with police turns to flyers

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Nov 4, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 4, 2013

GLENDALE - A Glendale man is putting up flyers in his neighborhood because he's angry with police and wants to get the word out.

Martin Haseman printed 250 flyers, after he claims he was treated disrespectfully by police.
TODAY's TMJ4 was contacted by a man who received one of those flyers.
Mike Spanjar asked us to investigate because he wanted to know the reason someone would make such allegations.
"I've had plenty of problems with you know, vandals and that sort of thing and they (police) always come right out, you know.  They do their job," said Spanjar.
We went digging and found Martin Haseman, the man behind the flyers.
He says it all started because he wanted to get permission for his girlfriend to park on the street in the overnight hours, something Glendale prohibits without police permission.
"We call in to ask questions about the parking ordinance and the various officers that we talk to disconnected the call rather than answering the question," said Haseman.
The conversation lasted just a few minutes.  Haseman claims the officer hung up on him.
He also says when he called back to talk to the officer's supervisor, that supervisor told him, "Hanging up on someone is a tool we use."  
"It's, it's frustrating, it's very frustrating," said Haseman.
That's why he put up the flyers.
Glendale police did not want to talk on camera, but they did issue a statement, saying they have launched an internal investigation into the matter. It said, "To protect the integrity of the citizen complaint process, no further information will be released until this complaint has been resolved," 
Mike Spanjar says he's never had any issues with getting permission to park overnight.
"My daughter's fiance will come over for three or four days at a time and um there's never a problem. We tell them the amount of days up front," said Spanjar.
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