Elementary school students exposed to pornographic images on school's iPad


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Elementary school students exposed to pornographic images on school's iPad

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Feb 20, 2014

WAUKESHA - Parents we spoke with want answers, after this shocking story came out Thursday.  Second graders in a classroom at Hadfield Elementary School were able to view pornographic images on a school-issued iPad.

We stopped parents in line to pick up their children after school, showing them the headline in the Waukesha Freeman.
"It's quite shocking, actually. I'm kinda speechless," said Michelle Kimbrough, parent.
Over and over, we found that same reaction, parents who were not only surprised, but also were wanting to know how it's possible students could even access such images when the school has oftware in place to block such sites.
"It's um not appropriate and how are they getting these images on the iPad?" questioned Barb Anders, parent of a second grader.
The superintendent answers that, saying a second grader did not get on an inappropriate site. He was on Google, and the search engine pulled up some thumbnails of pornographic pictures. The iPads at Hadfield stay at the school and are shared among students, so it's unclear whether the second grader is actually responsible for putting up the images.
"I just talked to his teacher yesterday and she's really nice, so I think if it was that big of a concern, she would've probably said something, but ya know, it's still kind
of shocking that that can be available in a kids' classroom," said Jermain Williams, parent of a second grader.
We asked parent Mike Gardner is he's surprised to hear what happened? 
"Little bit because this is a good school. I don't know if, it's, everything's accurate," said Gardner, parent.
Waukesha Schools Superintendent Todd Gray's thankful they got the information now so that they can install a Google filter. They're doing that Thursday night and hope that will be enough to prevent this problem in the future.
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