Did the City of Cudahy hire a sex offender?


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Did the City of Cudahy hire a sex offender?

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Apr 29, 2014

CUDAHY— A registered sex offender, who once was a doctor, now runs a landscaping business in Cudahy.

City leaders are set to pay the man thousands of taxpayer dollars for the job.

Monday, Cudahy's board of public works accepted a bid from the company, called ‘Lawn Magicians,’ to tackle the work.

The head of the company is Walter Szymanski, a man with a controversial past.

In 1993, a group of protesters—even former Milwaukee mayor John Norquist--called for Szymanski to stay in prison.

The man is a lifetime-registered sex offender convicted of sexually assaulting a neighbor's 14-year old daughter.

A Department of Corrections spokeswoman tells TODAY’S TMJ4 Szymanski has been in and out of jail over the past 30 years.

He had no comment when asked about his past affecting his job.

Though city staffers assure us Szymanski wouldn't be mowing any public parks or playgrounds, his company would be responsible for trimming the lawns along a number of city streets in some tightly-packed residential areas.

City leaders refused to speak on camera, but they did release a statement:

The City of Cudahy Board of Public Works made a motion to recommend approval of a contract with Lawn Magicians at their April 28, 2014 meeting. The Contract will be further reviewed and approved by the Cudahy Common Council. The contract is a service contract to cut grass. Lawn Magicians has done the City’s landscape maintenance since 2011 and the City has been pleased with the work and responsiveness. Further: The City of Cudahy is not at the liberty to preclude a bid based on the Owner’s race, religion, sexual orientation, criminal history or the like.

Szymanski's attorney is convinced calls to our newsroom are an attempt to sabotage the upcoming contract.

He tells us Szymanski has six employees who do all the work and claims the man stays in his home office.

State reports from the 1990s suggest the man is at a low risk of repeating the offenses.

Cudahy’s Common Council could approve its contract as early as next week.