Collection box stolen from Milwaukee church


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Collection box stolen from Milwaukee church

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Oct 22, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 22, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Someone stole the Sunday collection box at an east side church, and now they're out thousands of dollars.

For hundreds of people, Brew City Church is a safe haven. But on a now empty table, there once sat an offering box -- a place to put cash, coins, whatever you could spare. Sunday, that changed.

“Somebody wanted to put a check in the box," explains Pastor Randy Knie. "And they asked, ‘where's the box’ and I thought maybe somebody was counting it upstairs and it turns out someone took it."

Pastor Randy Knie says the box is simple. It’s made of plain wood and nothing special to look at. But what was inside had a special purpose. About $2,000 out of the people's pockets to help the hungry, the homeless, or whoever might need it more. All of it, now gone.

Randy Knie, Pastor: "Really the message we'll try to bring them is a message of Christ, which is forgiveness, which is blessing those who persecute us and really mourning that we live in a world that's broken enough that somebody feels so desperate they have to do something like this."

A message of salvation.

"I would love to just sit down and talk with them and hear where in life they are and why they felt like they needed to do this."

A trust, broken. But a faith, stronger than ever.

"Love is risky in general, in many ways. And this is just one of them for us. So we'll pray for those who did this and bless them and trust God is going to provide for us."

Pastor Knie tells TODAY'S TMJ4 they are making a new offering box for Sunday's service. He says now they'll be forced to bolt it to the table, which will be bolted to the wall.