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Cedarburg family has problems getting mail


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Cedarburg family has problems getting mail

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Mar 13, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 13, 2014

CEDARBURG - "We love our new home, we love the neighborhood and this town.  That was the most surprising thing, you wouldn't think we would need to worry about the US Post office," said Michelle Bell.

Bell and her family are getting settled into their new home in Cedarburg, but were puzzled why they weren't getting any mail.  They were told they would need a curbside box, but no one else in their neighborhood has one.
"Watching the mail carrier go to the other homes felt a little strange," Bell said.
Her husband asked if they could wait until the ground thaws to install the new box, but Bell says the post office refused.  The post office admits this was their error.
"The postal service tries to for safety and efficiency have the box on the street if they can.  That is one of the things they asked if they can do that," said Sean Hargadon with the United States Postal Service.
While the post office would like homeowners to move the boxes curbside, they won't force the move.  
"We're here to serve them, that's what we're here to do," Hargadon said.
After our call to the post office, bell got an apology and her mail.
"We are so thankful to TMJ4 for helping us!" Bell said.