Brookfield family's basement won't stop flooding


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Brookfield family's basement won't stop flooding

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Nov 19, 2013

TOWN OF BROOKFIELD, Wis - Last winter as the snow began to thaw, Jodie Petrie's kids shouted out a loud, "Mom!"  Their basement was flooding and life just hasn't been the same ever since.

Petrie walked us into her backyard, pointing to what once was a beautifully landscaped concrete wall, along an easement at the edge of her property on Sunnycrest Drive.
"You can see all the junk in here that blocks this all up and on Sunday all of this was um, flooded," said Petrie.
The Petrie family lived here for 15 years problem-free until WE Energies did a little tree trimming, piling the wood up on a drainage area.  It was on her neighbor's property, just off the easement. When the snow thawed in March, Petrie's basement flooded.
"The window well was full of water. We were lucky that the window didn't break or we would've really had a mess," said Petrie.
Petrie shared with us pictures from that day.  She also has pictures from this past weekend and says there have been countless times in between when her backyard has flooded.  That's why she asked TODAY'S TMJ4 for help.
"I'm tired of being home and always feeling like I gotta run to the basement and see if it's flooding every time it rains," said Petrie.
The question becomes who is financially responsible? The Town of Brookfield gave us a copy of this original plat of survey on the subdivision.  Arrows on the diagram show where one property line ends and another begins, but it doesn't assign ownership to the easement.
Back in March after Petrie's basement flooded, she contacted the Town of Brookfield for help.  They sent a crew and did ask her neighbor to move the pile of wood, hoping that would move the water flow back to its original path. The neighbor did the pile of wood, but that didn't change the flow of water.
"My feelings?  I"m pissed and I'm done fighting with everybody," said Petrie.
Petrie just wants the issue to be fixed before winter.  Her homeowner's insurance policy doesn't cover the flooding she's experienced.
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