Answering your speeding questions

Answering your speeding questions

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Sep 26, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Speedbusters responds to your tips each week.  But this week we're make a change.

There is no more important tool to a speedbuster than the trusty radar gun.  But that means we need to be able to trust the gun is getting it right.

Which leads us to our first -- and most common -- viewer question: "How do you know your radar gun is accurate?"

According to Speedbuster Steve Chamraz, two tuning forks vibrate at frequencies that the radar gun should read as 33 and 77 miles per hour.  So they make the fork sing -- ding -- then take a reading with the gun. If the numbers match, we know the radar gun is on target.

Another question we see a lot is along the lines of "do you ever call the police on a speeder?"

While we have never called police on a single speeder -- we have let the authorities know about places with recurring problems.  For example -- 51st Street near the French Immersion School.

Click on the video link to see more Speedbusters answer more of your questions.