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You can get the Biggest Loser experience without going on TV


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You can get the Biggest Loser experience without going on TV

By Stephanie Graham, Jonah Kaplan. CREATED Dec 10, 2013

ITASCA, IL - A few years ago sisters Hannah Curlee and Olivia Ward took on the 'Biggest Loser' and won!

"I never thought my life could change," Hannah recalls.

The sisters didn't get there overnight. They struggled for years. Olivia says, "The older I got, the more consistent bad behaviors I got into."

Hannah adds, "I was very unhappy I was overweight, I had not been on a date in 10 years."

Now, they're working hard to keep the weight off, and inspiring others at the new 'Biggest Loser Resort' in Itasca, just outside of Chicago.

"The best part about these resorts, the trainers are wonderful, and the lectures, but really it's the other people you meet," Hannah urges.

Katie Kasey lives in the Chicago area, and commutes to the resort. She explains, "It's pretty hard to fail here, so it's just a pretty safe place. Usually you can see some results within the first week, so that's kinda motivation to keep going."

Hannah and Olivia will never forget their experience, and they're glad people can get a similar chance to change their lives at the resort.

"It truly does take a team to lose weight, even when you're not on TV," Hannah says.