West Allis PD shares memories of fallen detective


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West Allis PD shares memories of fallen detective

By Carole Meekins. CREATED Apr 3, 2014

WEST ALLIS - Parker and Ellie are the angels of a fallen hero. They were born to West Allis Police Detective Stacie Napoli. 

The 39 year old died moments after the babies were born February 17th. Remarkably, the babies are doing well. 

Stacie's  office at the West Allis Police Department is the same way she left it. Napoli was an Iraq War Veteran. On her desk are military medals and a Bronze Star, professional milestones of a women colleagues were proud to know. 

Her best friend, Detective Jessica Wink, sat next to Stacie at work. It's been painful, but she finds comfort in seeing memories of her fallen friend who did so much for others. 

Wink explains, "She gave back to the community. She was such a hard worker, a brilliant woman. She put her all into everything she did." 

But Wink finds comfort in the memories of her friend. "My friend Stacie was such an animated girl that was so much fun. She always joked that she was the book-smart one and I was the street-smart one and together we made a great pair."

 Napoli dedicated her life to service. She was the first officer from the West Allis Police Department to serve in Iraq.  Wink shares, "Whatever Stacie she always gave it 150 percent. She always did everything well!"

Lt. Jessica Johnson admits that Stacie set the standard for everyone in the Sensitive Crimes Unit. "She just didn't leave any stone unturned. She wanted to make sure every angle was covered, everyone interviewed, the victim was heard, the victim was taken care of, and the offender dealt with appropriately." 

Johnson asserts, "Because she was like that, everybody wanted to to their job. It was like  nobody wanted to let Stacie down." 

Johnson points out that Napoli had admirers from all over the area. She exclaims, "Children's Hospital, District Attorneys, officers, everybody knew who Stacie was and everybody respected her!"

Word of Napoli's death sparked a flood of donations to the babies and their father. Jeff Pollack, Stacie's husband, and Stacie's mother Kerri Livermore is deeply grateful for the kindness of strangers. The entire West Allis Police Department is touched.  

Lt. Johnson says, "It is overwhelming, it's so nice to see there are so many good people out there. It's just remarkable."

As Stacie's friends and fellow officers grieve for their loss, there's comfort in knowing they will never forget her presence. They believe Officer Napoli is keeping watch over her final gifts to the world, Parker and Ellie. 

Wink knows her best friend would rejoice at the progress the twins have made. "She'd be so amazed to see how well they're doing. I know she's watching them and taking good care of them."

This Saturday, April 5th, the Scizzory Hair Design in Merton and On the Rocks Pub will hold a block party fundraiser for the babies. The salon is at 7104 Main St., the Bar and Grill is at 7149 Main St. in  Merton. You can also  donate to the Stacie Napoli fund.  Checks should be sent to: 

West Allis Police Department
C/O Captain Steve Beyer
11301 W. Lincoln Ave.
West Allis, Wi 53227

Carole Meekins

Carole Meekins

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