Aaron Rodgers surprises three local sisters


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Aaron Rodgers surprises three local sisters

By Stephanie Graham. Mike Jacobs. CREATED Mar 24, 2014
MILWAUKEE - The Perez sisters have always had to rely on each other for friendship and stability.

Nancy is the oldest of the 3 teens.  She says matter-of-factly, "My sisters are very important to me.  They can be irritating, but they're important to me."

Growing up in a military family, their mom has done her best to provide for them while moving across the country.

Leslian is the middle sister.  She explains, "As I was getting older and then I actually started trying to make friends, it was hard having to say goodbye." 
They moved to Milwaukee 6 years ago.  It was hard at first, but luckily, they soon found the 'Journey House' on Milwaukee's south side.

"For me it's really taught me to do a lot of things, and they took us a lot of places I never heard of," Nancy says.
The Journey House's 'Girls in the House' program helps empower young girls to be fearless.  

Natalyn is the baby of the family.  She loves playing football with the boys.  She exclaims, "I like tackling people.. like, I'm not a regular girlie-girl." 

You may recognize the sisters from the most recent 'ItsAaron' commercial, featuring Packers star Aaron Rodgers.  He surprised the girls during a recent visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum!

Aaron showed off his practical joker side, and his artistic side.  The sisters loved him.

"He was calm and chill, acted like he was one of us, like a kid, he wasn't all grown up and stuck up and obnoxious like you would expect a celeb to be," Leslian recalls.

These sassy sisters even gave Aaron some grooming advice, telling him he had too much facial hair!

The Perez sisters are thankful for the Journey House, and the chance to meet Aaron.  They want all kids to feel inspired by their story. 

Leslian says, "If a kid is thinking they can't do something... we were just kids who moved around a lot and never could make friends, and we got to meet Aaron Rodgers.  So that means anybody can do anything."