Team Paxton raising money, awareness for childhood cancer

Team Paxton raising money, awareness for childhood cancer

By Courtny Gerrish. CREATED Sep 18, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep 18, 2012

The life of a local baby cut tragically short.  Now his family is turning their pain into hope for others, and they're getting help from an "army of love." 

Paxton Andrews was on this earth only a few short months, but his fight to live continues to be an inspiration for anyone who hears his story.  That's where "Team Paxton" comes in.

In his parent's eyes Paxton Andrews was a miracle baby.  He was healthy, happy.  Then at three-months-old a visit to the doctor for what seemed to be a cold and eye infection.  An unexpected and heartbreaking diagnosis followed; it was cancer.  This little warrior waged the fight of his life.  On July 2nd, just before he turned 5 months, Paxton ended his battle with this horrible disease.

Out of the heavy sorrow came "Team Paxton" to continue his fight and stop cancer from stealing the lives of more children. Team Captain, Katie Klein is overwhelmed by all the support.  "A lot of great people willing to stand up and take a stand and fight as hard as we can."  Klein tells us this "army of love" has the Andrews' blessing. "To know that there are other children in the community, and beyond our community, that might have to go through the same thing that Paxton went through is completely earth shattering to them."

So "Team Paxton" is raising money and awareness.  This baby boy's story is everywhere.  On flyers around town and blanketing social media.  In four short months they've already raised more than $18,000 with donations coming in from around the world.

"Team Paxton" is also running.  More than 60 members are racing the Brewers Mini Marathon this weekend.

"We are all so sad about what happened and so moved that we want to do what we can," Team Captain Sue Spaight told us.  She  never liked to run but is tackling the 13.1 miles for a grieving family.  "No one can take away their pain, no one can make it go away, no one can bring Paxton back, but we want to do whatever we can to help other families and keep this from happening to other kids."

A community helping to shoulder the heavy burden of one family's loss and fight for all our children in the name of a baby boy taken too soon.

Four children die every day from cancer.  It is the leading cause of death by disease in children, but research for childhood cancer is grossly underfunded.

Here's how you can help - make a donation to "Team Paxton" or head to a fundraiser at Hart Park in Tosa this Saturday for Paxton's Pablove Fest, a family friendly music festival. 

It's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  For more facts on childhood cancer click here.


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