Major upgrade makes Storm Team 4Cast more precise than ever

Major upgrade makes Storm Team 4Cast more precise than ever

By John Malan, Stephanie Graham. CREATED Apr 10, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr 10, 2012

MILWAUKEE - Next week is Tornado & Severe Weather Awareness Week here in Wisconsin. Local parents rely on Storm team 4 for accuracy in news and weather.

Gayle Gold lives in Shorewood and has young kids. She says, "I always look at the weather because this is Milwaukee, so the weather is everything."

Weather is a serious matter, especially as Mother Nature becomes more unpredictable.

Susan Love is a mom from Minnesota. She says, "It seems, storms are worse, and we're seeing a lot more tornadoes in the lower Midwest and that sort of thing."

Soon, your Storm Team forecasters will have new technology to track those storms better than ever!

It's called Dual Polarization Radar, and its up and running in the big tower at the National Weather Service in Sullivan. Meteorologist Jeff Craven gave us a behind-the-scenes look.

The new dual radar lets meteorologist see the shape of an object both horizontally and vertically.

"It'll be able to tell between hail, sleet, rain, snowflakes. Birds, insects... so that's the main difference," Craven explains.

Viewers at home won't really notice a difference during our weather casts, but this new upgrade is especially important as severe weather season begins.

Craven adds, "What we do expect is during an event, to have a better idea of the intensity of heavy rain events, about the potential for, is there actually a tornado on the ground?"

Meanwhile, moms like Gayle and Susan are happy to see weather technology improving.

"Obviously, more accurate reporting and predictable weather is a good thing for everyone, and our safety," Susan says.

The National Weather Service is about 1/3 of the way done installing the new radar across the country, so Milwaukee is ahead of the curve!