Beauty secrets from Wisconsin's stylist to the stars

Beauty secrets from Wisconsin's stylist to the stars

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Mar 3, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 5, 2012

RACINE- Kenosha native, and now Miss America Laura Kaeppeler just returned home over the weekend. Over the years, Laura's learned a lot of beauty tips. In fact, Racine may very well be Wisconsin's best kept, beauty secret. Tom Preston is a stylist to the stars.

"It's a glamorous life," he says.

Tom is the owner of 'The Look' salon, and stylist of the beauty queens. Once you get hooked into it, it's like a challenge. Preston has done up, curled, and styled, every Miss Wisconsin since 1988, but...

"I don't do nails," he admits.

Jeanie Pfeiffer was Miss Wisconsin 1988. She says, "I was the young lady that showed up at the shop in the baseball cap and cowboy boots."

It was years ago. In the late 80's the hairstyles were very big, but Preston transformed a tomboy, to not just a pageant queen, but a confident young woman.

"Really it's all about self improvement, setting goals, and being a well rounded person," Pfeiffer says.

It's why Preston believes his client, Laura Kaeppeler won it all.

"It took her three years to win, but we got her there," Preston beams. He adds, "Laura was 100% herself out there. She did it her way and that's what works."

Preston knows what works. It's why Miss Wisconsin hopefuls like Liz Kramer flock to sit in this chair.

"Well he styles Miss America," she laughs.

"One of the things he taught me was take a picture of yourself. In that outfit or that hairstyle. He said pictures never lie," Pfeiffer recalls. She adds, "It's just a wonderful thing to see Tom finally get recognition for all of his hard work."

Tom loves his career, and these girls, so he'll continue to mentor and style.. until, he jokes... "Until I write my book. My tell all."

Laura does keep in touch with Preston. They text regularly. Preston says he couldn't be more proud of Laura and all she has accomplished.