The power of pickle juice

The power of pickle juice

By Lance Allan, Stephanie Graham. CREATED Feb 13, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 13, 2012

MILWAUKEE - With this year's condensed NBA season, Bucks trainers have to work extra hard to keep their guys healthy. As head strength and conditioning coach Jeff Macy explains, "We cannot afford having our players sitting on the sideline."

A big focus: Hydration.

"Reduction in endurance and strength and all those things start to happen with dehydration," Macy explains.

According to a recent online article, if you need a refresher don't crack open a bottle of water--pop open a jar of pickles!

"My understanding of the research--it's the sodium, it's what you're sweating out, the same kind of stuff, so you're just putting that back in," Macy says.

Players don't seem too convinced:

Bucks Forward Larry Sanders: "I'm not a big fan of pickles, I'm not, I take 'em off my sandwiches."

Bucks Forward Jon Brockman: "Never tried drinking pickle juice."

Sanders doesn't only drink water during workouts. He emphasives, "You have to have that routine, and keep drinking throughout the day."

Brockman has his own home remedy. He admits, "I'm a huge fan of Pedialyte. I know it's for babies, but it tastes good and it keep you hydrated."

However, Brockman was intrigued by the pickle juice theory, and put it to the test. He chugged an entire jar of pickle juice on camera for us! His reaction: "Terrible, but, I'll be hydrated!"

Macy says one things for sure. There won't be pickle juice on the Bucks' bench anytime soon. "We're not gonna be replacing the Gatorade with pickle juice."