Changing of guard on Speedbusters beat

Changing of guard on Speedbusters beat

By Steve Chamraz. CREATED Dec 14, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec 14, 2011

MILWAUKEE and ST. FRANCIS - The Speedbusters radar gun goes to a busy street in St. Francis this week, but first, it's time for goodbye.

It's Jay Olstad's last day, and he asks Steve Chamraz to meet with him in the back corner of our parking lot.

Steve Chamraz: "Hey, Vikings fan, what's up?"

Jay Olstad to TODAY'S TMJ4 engineer Scott Keske: "Scotty, the gun."

Jay hands Steve his radar gun, and Steve heads to St. Francis for his first mission as the new Speedbuster--Waterford Avenue. It's a residential street with a 25 mile per hour limit. Neighbor Mike Hough wrote Speedbusters because many drivers ignore that speed limit.

"When our kids are outside we have 'em closer to the house in the front or in the back," Hough explains.

Most drivers we saw treated Waterford like a street with a speed limit in the 30s. It's a combination of their heavy right feet -- and the way Waterford was designed. People who live on Waterford blame the street itself for this speeding problem. It's a residential street that is wider than most, which gives drivers the impression they can go faster than the posted limit.

It also doesn't help that Waterford runs downhill towards Kinnickinnic Avenue, giving drivers that little extra 'oomph'.

"You see some speeders, and sometimes stupidity," Hough adds.

On this day, we didn't see anything stupid, just people ignoring the limit, and pleas from the neighbors.

"Just slow down, there's kids playing and you never know. You never know if a ball is gonna bounce into the street and a kid is gonna run after it," Hough warns.

If you have concerns about speeders on your street, send an email to You can also find the Speedbusters on Facebook and Twitter.


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