Speeders in South Milwaukee

Speeders in South Milwaukee

By Jay Olstad. CREATED Aug 29, 2011

MILWAUKEE - The location is 15th and Marquette in South Milwaukee. The drivers are too fast.

Both 15th and Marquette are 25 mile an hour speed zones. Neighbor Carl Michech says he has lived with speeders ever since he moved in 16 years ago.

Jay: "So it's not just 15th but Marquette?:

Carl: "Yes. Between the two, I don't think there's any difference."

That's what we found when we brought out the speedbusters gun and tested it on both streets. Of all the streets you don't want speed on, these would be it. That's because this neighborhood is also home to the South Milwaukee Police Department.

Not everyone speeds in this neighborhood, but for those who do speed, Carl has this message: "Just slow down, this is not a race track."

A message Speedbusters passed along to police.