Waukesha neighbors ask drivers to slow down after dog is hit

Waukesha neighbors ask drivers to slow down after dog is hit

By Jay Olstad. CREATED Aug 9, 2011

WAUKESHA - It's a location that at first glance looks harmless. But as we found out, it only takes a few minutes to see how fast a Waukesha County street really is.

This week we head to the 1100 block of Pewaukee Road.


One neighbor says, a"Cars just don't stop. They keep going fast."


For nearly a decade, Denise and Jim Theil have lived on this street. For all those years they say they have dealt with a string of speeders. They say lots of drivers go over the 25 mile an hour speed limit.


TODAY'S TMJ4'S Jay Olstad takes out the Speedbusters gun. For one car he says, "He slowed down dramatically, but was going 50 miles per hour. I clocked him at 49."


That's double the speed limit!

The Theil's dog got lose from their backyard awhile ago. A car hit him. They say, "Luckily we saved his life, but it cost us a lot of money."


Now--they're asking the city to put up a sign showing drivers there's a hidden driveway coming up, and they've pressed the alderman who represents the neighborhood about that. So far that alderman hasn't returned our message. We'll keep on it.

In the meantime, the Theil's request is simple: Slow it down.

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