68th and Lisbon revisited

68th and Lisbon revisited

By Jay Olstad. CREATED Jul 26, 2011

MILWAUKEE - It's been several months since we last spoke with Don Wuerl.

"It's slowed down quite a bit from when you were first out here in November," said Wuerl. "But really it can slow down a lot more."

He lives near 68th and Lisbon. And after dealing with speeders, he's happy to see a Milwaukee Police digital speed trailer, which anyone can request for their neighborhood street, if it's available.

The trailer posts people speeds and can keep track of how fast people drive over a period of time.

"I'm very happy that they know there's a problem going on," he said of the police.

Now Don just wishes the drivers knew it too. That's why we came back recently and brought along our Speedbusters gun. We caught several cars going way over the 30-mile an hour limit.

"46," Don yelled out while pointing the gun towards traffic.

And even standing out for everyone to see wasn't enough to slow down drivers.

"47," said reporter Jay Olstad. "She had no idea we were here."

That's problem number one.

Problem number two is the speed trailer wasn't working properly. Many drivers sped by without it registering on the screen. Officials with MPD said they would make a return trip to fix the trailer, but as of Monday night the trailer had not been fixed.

Meantime, Don wants us all to know, the speed limit is there for a reason.

"No one else's life is worth someone else's schedule," he said. "Slow down."