Update on twins of fallen West Allis police detective


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Update on twins of fallen West Allis police detective

By Carole Meekins. CREATED Jun 12, 2014

WEST ALLIS - It's a story that touched thousands of hearts. A West Allis police detective and former Iraq War veteran dies in childbirth, leaving behind twins who never got to know their mother. 

Stacie Napoli's twins Ellie and Parker were born premature, but survived. Today they are four months old. Ellie is now home. Parker remains at Children's Hospital. He still needs a feeding tube part time, but the prognosis for both babies is good. 
The community rallied around the family at an April 5th block party. One of the organizers, Amanda Kallas of "On the Rocks" Bar and Grille, feels for the babies and Stacie's widowed husband who is also a friend.
She notes, "It's nothing you ever want to see somebody you know go though, or see somebody you don't know go through. It's very tough. You just plug forward one day at a time and hope for the best."
Stacie's sister Trisha Adams was touched by the outpouring of love. Adams shares, "It's amazing, there's no words to say how the community can come together and just support someone they don't even know."
The block party was hosted by On the Rocks and The Scizzory in Merton. Patty Mueller, of The Scizzory and friend of Stacie's, said, "It's an amazing community. We have a very special bond along our street, we are an extended family."
Heather Orlowski, another friend of Stacie's, recalled, "She really took a vested interest in everybody. She knew what was important to everybody. You don't run across people like that anymore." 
Now, Stacie's sister draws inspiration from holding her niece and nephew, and from her late sister's life. Adams exclaims, "The babies are a blessing. When I hold them I still feel the connection to my sister. I miss her so much. Even in her death, she makes everybody want to be a better person."
That's why friends and family are making sure that Stacie's babies grow up with memories of their mom, so that when Ellie and Parker discover her legacy, they'll feel their mom's love through the people who knew her best.
You can still help the twins. Send checks to the West Allis Police Department, Care of Captain Stephen Beyer. Make them payable to the: Community Improvement Foundation in Memory of Stacie Napoli, 11301 W. Lincoln Avenue in West Allis,  53227.
Carole Meekins

Carole Meekins

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