New Berlin family counting their blessings after car crash


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New Berlin family counting their blessings after car crash

By Carole Meekins. CREATED May 29, 2014

NEW BERLIN - A New Berlin family is counting blessings after surviving an awful accident that left a little girl seriously hurt.

The family recently got to thank some of the those who saved their lives. Eight-year-old Amie and six-year-old Sammy Rindt were riding in a car with their father when another vehicle crossed the median and hit them head on. All three were hurt, but the most serious was Amie.

She was taken by Flight for Life to Children's Hospital. It happened September 8th, 2013. It was a terrifying time for Grandmother Shirley Rindt. She admits, "We were scared to death. We didn't know for the first 24 hours if she was even going to live."

Amie had to undergo 14 surgeries. Rindt explains, "Initially, we had been told that her brain stem had been severed from her spinal chord. They called it an internal decapitation." But the eight-year-old survived, thanks to the Lake Country Fire Department, the Flight for Life crew, the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department and Children's Hospital. 

April 5th, the family got to thank the first-responders in person and see some of their lifesaving equipment. There was even a special landing of the Flight for Life helicopter.  It was as rewarding day for the family and the first-responders who got to see the lives they helped save. Most important, witness the progress little Amie had made. 
Though there are repercussions from the accident, Amie is doing well. Rindt notes, "Any damage that was done was physical not cognitive, so were very lucky in that respect." Rindt says she cannot thank the public and the rescue workers enough. She says, support from family, friends, and strangers have helped the family through this difficult journey.
Plus, just maybe a guardian angel had a hand in  the outcome. Rindt reveals, "My dad had passed away the February before, and I kept saying, Dad, it's a big job. You've got to handle this one. Apparently he did."  So did all of the rescue personnel who gave the Rindt family a second chance at life. 
Carole Meekins

Carole Meekins

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