Lake Geneva man's invention aims to make life easier for many


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Lake Geneva man's invention aims to make life easier for many

By Carole Meekins. CREATED Oct 7, 2013

LAKE GENEVA - A Lake Geneva man's invention is helping people all over the country. It's being lauded for it's ease of use.

James Fus created the QuickBib. He explains, "It's very simple, you just stretch out a part and slide it on, I'm done. It's got the crumb-catcher off the bottom." 

Fus says the QuickBib gives people their independence back. "It's a whole new page of taking care of the elderly because with the baby boomers, there are so many who are put in an environment that diminishes their independence and their dignity."
Fus says the QuickBib is for people of all ages. He says it's a big hit for those with limited mobility. He laughs, "You give them one of these and they're 'like oh my gosh its just like you invented sliced bread for them!'"
One of the fans of the QuickBib is the legendary Muhammad Ali, who has Parkinson's Disease. Fus sent the heavyweight champion a custom bib for Ali's birthday. On the front is a bumblebee with boxing clubs. Fus shares, "We donated these to him and his wife put them in the Parkinson's Institute."
Fus even had a tuxedo clothing protector made for the champs special occasions. Ali's wife Lonnie keeps a steady supply. Fus says he's shipped just over 300 bibs to Muhammad Ali's homes. 
Fus says some people even customize QuickBibs with special messages. QuickBibs are machine washable and sold online. They are made in the USA, and most of the components come from Wisconsin. The only place you can purchase a QuickBib is at Accessible Wear in West Allis. 
Jim's business is breaking even and he admits he's not getting rich. But there's a bigger bonus. Fuss laughs, "We sure aren't making a whole bunch of money but we're having a great time meeting a bunch of beautiful wonderful people out there, and we're able to help some people!"
Carole Meekins

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