Caledonia mom stays strong through fight with kidney disease


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Caledonia mom stays strong through fight with kidney disease

By Carole Meekins. CREATED Mar 27, 2014

MILWAUKEE - A Caledonia woman saw her mother struggle with a life threatening illness for years. And recently, she too was diagnosed. But Nicole Webster is fighting back in a way that is positively MIlwaukee.

To see 33 year old Nicole Webster with her pet cat Boo Boo, it's hard to believe that she's fighting a potentially deadly disease. Webster pulls out a bag of more than 2 dozen prescription medications she must now take.

The mother of two is battling Polycystic Kidney Disease. She explains, "Polycystic kidney disease is a lot like cancer. It's multiple cysts on your kidneys."

Webster was diagnosed back in February. She learned then she had only a 20 percent kidney function. At the time she was working full time, going to school and raising two kids. She knew she was tired, but just assumed it was because she was busy. She had no idea her kidneys were failing.

Webster says, "It's devastating and it made me rethink everything I wanted to do with my life."

One side affect, Webster is always in pain. She admits, "I would just like people to know just because I look ok, it doesn't meant that I'm ok."

Her only cure would be a new kidney, preferably from a living donor. But Webster is not sick enough to get on the organ donor list.

So Webster is on a mission to educate others about Kidney disease and encouraging donor kidneys. She connects with patients through social media , and has a fundraiser planned for March 29th. She is using the stories of six young adults to educate people on kidney disease and encourage live donation.

Webster would like to see more consider organ donation. She advises, "Don't be afraid of donating an organ. Don't be afraid of donating a kidney, there are people out there, 90 thousand of them that need it."

But as she campaigns for awareness, Nicole has her sights set on another goal. Planning her fall wedding.

Webster's benefit takes place Saturday March 29th at the 14th Precint in South Milwaukee from 9-5 pm.

Carole Meekins

Carole Meekins

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