90-year-old Milwaukee native dedicates life to service, writing


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90-year-old Milwaukee native dedicates life to service, writing

By Carole Meekins. CREATED Sep 30, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Tom Sitter shares pictures of his past. A collage of his life was put together by his  family in celebration of his 90th birthday. Tom has always enjoyed writing.

He jokes, "I've written quite a few letters to the Journal. My brother Jerry used to say, 'Tom some idiot sent a letter to the editor and signed your name again'". He laughs.

Sitter's joy of the written word is so powerful he started writing a novel in his nineties, and just finished the book titled "Costellos." He explains, "The book started of to be a kids book. The first chapter took a life of its own and it was almost like writing itself."

Sitter admits he was blessed with a good memory, which helped in writing his tale of fiction. He admits, "A lot of things that I experienced in my lifetime in my 90 years are in that book directly."
Tom is well known for his charity work, and for helping others. He eared the JC Penney award for his volunteer work. Daughter Kathleen Sitter shares, "My Dad would always be there for the kids in the neighborhood. If we'd go to the park, my Dad would drive all of us and take the neighborhood kids along."
Sitter is a World War II Veteran who took one of the honor flights to Washington D.C. The warm reception when he and his fellow veterans received when they returned touched him deeply.
He understands the value of family. He says, "I've visited people in the nursing home who are alone. It's the saddest thing in the world for someone to be alone and not have family around."
Sitter and his late wife, have left his kids with valuable lessons. Kathleen says her parents taught her, "To be kind to other people to help other people. To  help other people who need it."  Sitter, a former building and fire inspector for the city of West Allis stays active and regularly donates blood. Completing a novel at the age of 90 is proof, that we are never too old to set new goals. 
Carole Meekins

Carole Meekins

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