Paul Ryan speaks on the Affordable Care Act


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Paul Ryan speaks on the Affordable Care Act

By Charles Benson. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

TODAY'S TMJ4's Charles Benson had a chance to interview U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI). Click above to watch the interview, and check out the transcript below.

Benson: Well the President compared the problems with the roll out and people having their policies dropped to a couple of fumbles in a big game but the game isn't over. He thinks it can be fixed but Republicans are calling to repeal it- aren't we past that point?

Ryan: I don't think we are to be honest with you Charles, because I just don't see this law working. I can not imagine this law is going to survive all the new things. Look the hospitals haven't gotten their cuts yet - medicare beneficiaries have even gotten their cuts yet. So, so many more things are about to happen.
All the people in the employer based market, next year we are going tens of millions of people we are being told, getting dropped of their employer based coverage. So, so many more shoes are going to drop on this law. I just don't think the law is survivable.
Look, the President three years ago outlawed insurance that people in Wisconsin have and enjoy and now he's acting as if he didn't see it coming. We knew at the time, when this was being debated three years ago that millions of people were going to lose the kind of insurance they had because that's what this bill does. The President and the people who voted for it claimed otherwise. Now we see the facts. Now we see that was an empty promise which is now being broken and we have more broken promises coming.
Next year we anticipate a lot of employers will keep dropping their  employees off of their health insurance. We are seeing people lose their 40 hour work week going on temporary part time jobs. We are seeing businesses not hiring people because of Obamacare and we see about $716 billion dollar that is about to be taken from medicare to pay for this costly mistake.
The White House released a response to Rep. Ryan's remarks Friday evening:
“Representative Ryan, like many House Republicans, has worked overtime to sabotage or eliminate the Affordable Care Act and replace it with exactly nothing.  Rep. Ryan’s answer has always been, ‘tough luck’ -- if you’re somebody whose rates go up every year, if you’re a woman who pays 50% more just for being a woman, tough luck.   There hasn't been any indication of a willingness on his part to address this problem."
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